Pet Goodys have partnered with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dry dog and cat food, using only the highest quality ingredients to produce the very best in pet nutrition with no compromises. Our food range will include a Naturals Range, Grain Free Range and Super Premium  for dogs and cats.

Pet Goodys offer pioneering dry pet food with 100% fresh ingredients created using Freshtrusion which ensures high nutritional levels, using knowledge, expertise and innovation built over 25 years of industry experience.

Through our Partnerships we have access to a one of a kind Product Development Facility which continually develops and innovates for product improvements including a new vacuum coater which covers each piece of kibble evenly with essential fats and oils. The benefits of our product development has resulted in:

  • Improved Palatability
  • Improved Digestibility

The food ranges we provide cover:

  • Small and Large Dog Breeds
  • Puppy, Adult, and Senior Ranges
  • Kittens, Adult and Senior Cats

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