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Different Types of Food to suit your Pet

The options available for your pet’s food requirements are almost endless, with so much to choose from it’s like going to a restaurant with a 100 item menu – What to choose? What will they like?  Will it be good for them?

Unlike us, animals don’t need different food every day, it can be upsetting to their digestive system to chop and change too much. However, to prevent boredom we stock some of the scrummiest flavour combinations available in Pet Food with options such as:

  • Chicken, Sweet Potato and Herbs
  • Venison and Mulberry
  • Pork, Sweet Potato and Apple
  • Trout, Salmon and Asparagus
  • Turkey and Cranberry

This guide sets out all the different types of food available at Pet Goodys and the reasons/advantages of using each one, to help you decide which description best fits your requirements. All our food is developed by specialist pet nutritionists, using the latest technology to ensure the best quality and nutritional value for every single product.

Puppy/Kitten Food

All Young Animals need a different balance of nutrients to adults, their immune systems are developing along with their physical and mental growth needs. Getting the balance right is important to keep your animal healthy, well-nourished without causing behavioural problems or nutrient deficiencies which can lead to issues in later life. During the First Year of your Pets Life (first 2 years for large dog breeds), choose one of our Puppy/Kitten specific foods to ensure your pet gets all the nutritional support they need to grow up fit and healthy.


Once your pet has progressed onto Adult Food the priority is to keep optimal body conditions, weight, health and energy levels. By using a whole balanced adult food suited to your pets needs, type and activity levels ensures a healthy and long life. Consult with your vet if your pet shows signs of allergies and intolerances as there are a range of options available to you.


Recommended for pets over 7 years old as their nutritional requirements change including lower calorie diets to help prevent obesity. The senior pet’s diet must be carefully balanced to contain higher amounts of fibre, and adequate protein and fat.

Working Dog Food

With higher energy consumption, working dogs need a food which provides high levels of sustained energy. If a non-working dog is fed working dog food – it may become hyper-active and bored without sufficient exercise so even if it looks a more economical option – beware it can have significant impacts on your dog’s energy levels which need to be used up with regular exercise and brain stimulating activity.


Small and Large Breed/Small Bite

In addition to Age and Type of Activity undertaken by your Pet, more commonly in dogs there are huge variations in breed sizes and types. This therefore means the nutritional requirements are also very different. By using our specific Small or Large Breed Foods you can ensure your dog is getting the very best food which has been tailored to their requirements. Large Breed Dog Food comes in larger kibble pieces for the more robust dogs, which will also help slow down their eating process, avoiding common issues such as Bloat in large breed dogs. Small Breeds also comes in Small Bite pieces to prevent choking and assist with digestion. Small Bite can also be good for older dogs who may not have the teeth or strength to crunch through the larger kibble!

Dry vs Wet Food

There can be a number of factors which affect your decision as to whether you buy dry or wet food. The real decision is down to each individual owner in terms of weighing up the advantages of both types and deciding which suits your pet needs best – it may be that you travel a lot and dry food is more convenient, or your pet may not have a huge appetite so wet food is more appealing.


Dry Food Advantages

The advantages of dry food are:

  • Promotes good oral health
  • Less Spoilage
  • Price of Kibble Food is lower for similar amounts of wet food cans
  • Can be used as Training Treats
  • Less mess
  • Slower Eating to improve digestion

Grain free – This one says it in the name, Our Grain Free range is made with no added grain and is designed for those with grain intolerances/sensitivity. This is available for Puppies, Kittens, Adults and Seniors.

Naturals – Our Veterinary Approved Naturals Range contain no added artificial colours or preservatives and are naturally preserved with rosemary extract and mixed tocopherols. This is an ideal food if you’d like to ensure your Pet receives a completely natural diet free from any artificial additives. This is available for Puppies, Kittens, Adults and Seniors.

Super Premium – Our Super Premium Range is our most popular Food Type this range is hypoallergenic and is formulated without dairy, soya, beef, pork, eggs, wheat and wheat gluten. The food is complete - contains added vitamins and minerals. Ideal Omega 6:3 ratio on order to reduce inflammatory response.


Wet Food Advantages

The advantages of wet food are:

  • Higher water content to support hydration
  • More meat protein than dry food
  • Fewer Carbohydrates
  • Good for poor eaters
  • Reduce Bloat

Our Super Healthy Premium Wet Food is stuffed with super and honest health food. Our grain & gluten free, hypo-allergenic recipe is gently cooked to hold in all the goodness and is made with over 70% of sustainable fresh fish. Stuffed with superfood veg sweet potato, fruits and herbs. Salmon oil is added to give extra Omega 3 & 6 which is great to keep coats glossy & shiny.  Yucca extract is also included and has been known to help reduce stool odours.



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